Goldbar Records & Par Excellence recently embarked on the challenge of creating a project from beginning to end in just 48 hours to raise money for Musicians Supporting The Homeless.


Curated by Monster Florence & Foreign Beggars, musicians were invited from across the country to complete an EP.  Not only did they achieve this, they managed to write and record a full length album with the entire process documented live on Facebook, from Tom Donovan Studio, Rowhedge, Essex.

"Stepping into a studio where there was so much incredible talent all of which were hungry to achieve their dreams and vibe together was something very special.”


“The introduction of a deadline is definitely an approach more artists should adapt to their material on a day to day basis. It put an instant structure into place which meant there's no backing out or needless delays.”


“And, even more so, it produces a "We're fucking doing this” energy! Big up the whole team involved, they smashed it!" - Shan McGinley, SISTER Radio & Snapchat

‘48’ evokes a summery chilled vibe, with genuine and impactful lyrics that capture the essence of real life situations. It showcases the indisputable talent of musicians including:


Monster Florence, Foreign Beggars, WOLF KASH, Bekile Music, New Machine, High Frequency,

PEP, Lydia Kitto, Greta Lindsay, rinse, Marcello Spooks, SUMGii Beats, Greg Blackman Music,

Chisara Agor, Damien Brambley, Rubber Jaw, Fishclaw, Craig Garrod Music, Ads, VVilhelm,

Malachi Siner-Cheverst, Animal Noise, Dream Mclean, Seekah Lytess, Jos Dow..


Complex exclusively shared some of the tracks from 48, read the interview here.


For more information regarding ‘48’ please contact Tom Donovan Studio -